This little bird in this image is called Saira sete cores
Hello for who is visiting this blog, and thank you!
My name is Ticiane and I play the sims franchise since the first one c:
I am the same person from this blog: Ticiane's Sims 3 CC
ticis2 is my the sims sites/forums username, but you can also call me hina or hinayuna (on games)

Here is my the sims 3 profile: My Page Sims 3
modthesims profile: Hinayuna
thesimsresource profile: ticis2
sims4studio profile: Hinayuna
tumblr profile: ticis2
simscommunity profile: hinayuna
simsworkshop profile: hinayuna

*updated with this blog content

The screenshots of the objects may not look so fancy, cause currently I play on a laptop with integrated intel hd 3000 graphic card
But I try to do the custom content here in the highest quality possible (consider I am learning from I can say 20% or less lol)

Also, I always post the CC first here on my blog, before any other site in this list

I also like to make illustrations
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