Saturday, January 16, 2016

Splitted Painting Frame

06jan2016 - fixed normal map
15jan2016 - changed lod0shadow that hina forgot to change for the new mesh 
16jan2016 - now we can say Hina finally learned how to properly create a specular map *facepalm*, and updated images, and it will cost 900 simoleons now yay. Still expensive Hina. 
Indoor screenshots:
 The mesh is created by me, if you want to recolor(add more/different images) feel free, but please refer/credit me and post a link to here (this post)! thank you


If you want to add more images here is a link for the UV map example: UVmap (updated)

 Images used: Please check the galleries of the artists!

Yuumei's gallery - Image name: The Heavens and Us
Yuuza's Gallery - Image name: Winter Bringer
Sylar's Gallery - Image name: speedpaint#73
Ryky's Gallery - Image name: Rainbow Street
(first versions screenshot)

Object location: By function->Decoration->Paintings
                       By room->Bedroom, Diningroom, Kitchen, Miscellaneous, Livingroom, Studyroom
                       By venue->Bar, Clinic, Club, Library, Museum, Gym, Lounge

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